About Bright Brain

        Bright Brain (B2) is Brain exercise which improves student's concentration, listening and reading skills. It helps Students to get good marks in all subjects.

        Bright Brain exercise is designed to help people of all ages master the mechanics of learning through a series of movements. It is associated with learning, rather than the mental, and uses the body through which the people's learning ability can be enhanced. It is also developed to increase relaxation and improve circulation for people. It could help to avoid stress and coordinate between the left and right hemispheres
Easy to take 5 minute to do, so specific sequences can be done in less than 10 minutes, even during walking
No Equipment is necessary
An effective non-verbal
Useful and practical with diverse multi-cultural groups
Suitable adaptable for those with physical disabilities
Used by all age of people without special needs. Children have fun to learn easily
It improves listening, reading skills, concentration, and memory with resulting higher academic achievement levels
It improved blood flow & balance, better oxygenation and a healthier physiology for elder people

Benefits of Bright Brain

Bright Brain Course are designed to
Integrate body and mind in order
To improve "concentration, memory, reading, writing, organizing, listening, physical coordination, and more".
Right Brain Creative Side
Left Brain for Reasoning and Logic
Bright Brain helps to act Both Brain Combined and help your Memory to work best